We’ve updated the Materials

Today, all 3D printing materials have migrated to a new infrastructure. This was done to help make the categorization of materials more digestible for both Hubs and customers.


About the Migration

Materials are now categorized using 3 different abstraction levels, for example;

  • Nylon (material)
  • Carbon-Filled Nylon (material option)
  • EOS Carbonmide (a specific brand)

A customer entering the 3D printing checkout is by default requested to select materials on the highest abstraction level (“Nylon”), unless the customer uses the advanced options to search for a specific brand.

All Hubs are requested to enter their materials on the lowest, most granular, abstraction level (“Carbonmide”). Entering materials on the lowest level carries most information into the platform and to all users.

3D Hubs currently has a database of close to 1,000 different 3D printing materials, including datasheets for most. The new architecture allows users to search the material database based on anything from brand, to mechanical or thermal properties. All of this information will eventually become readily available to all users, like in the Material Index (currently in beta), a complete library of all 3D printing materials.

What’s Next

The migration ran automatically, meaning there is no need for Hubs to re-enter their materials. The only thing we’d like to ask you is to check if your materials are still listed correctly in your dashboard and to update them if necessary.

Materials that are currently not listed in our database are migrated as “unbranded materials” (e.g. “unbranded PLA”). Storing a material without a brand will have no impact on your listing, apart from the situation where a customer requests a specific branded material. So, if you do know the specific brand of your materials it’s beneficial to update this information.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll update the checkout to allow for more advanced filtering, using the new architecture. We’ll also update the Material index with all new information and move it out of beta.

Finally, if you’re missing any materials you think we should add, please contact support@3dhubs.com and we’ll add it with the next update.