SLA/DLP Quality Guidelines

Today we are releasing the SLA/DLP Quality Guidelines. The goal of these guidelines is to improve SLA/DLP printing and post-processing standards globally. With these guidelines in place, all customers of resin based 3D printed parts will have the same standardized ordering experience no matter which SLA Hub they select for their project.

These are the main guidelines that will be in effect as of today:

  • Dimensional accuracy: ±0.15 mm or 0.5% depending on which is greater.
  • Orientation: avoid supports on the presentation side of print.
  • Curing of parts: thoroughly cured, no leftover uncured resin on the print.
  • Support removal: deliver parts with supports removed, minimal requirement is sanded down support nibs

Support material costs

With the SLA support material calculation feature released, support material is now automatically added by 3D Hubs and no additional costs should have to be added to the order. (Tweaks in the prices are still allowed but should be avoided if possible to prevent a poor customer experience due to unexpected costs).

If you previously configured your prices to include the support material costs, please revise your material costs here.

These guidelines may be overruled if otherwise agreed with customer in comments on the order page.

Please review the full SLA/DLP Quality Guidelines here.