Automatic Hub Selection Experiment

Next week we’ll start an experiment in which Hub selection in the checkout is automated, instead of done manually by the customer. 33% of US customers will be subject to the experiment.

The main goal for the experiment is to simplify the ordering experience and measure the effect on the number of print jobs submitted.

Initially the experiment will run in the US only, with a pre-selected group of strong performing Hubs being eligible for the automated selection. In the experiment the Hub selection is based on material offering, location, and Hub ranking.

Eligible Hubs will receive a personal invitation by email to participate in the experiment. We’ll expand to a larger group of Hubs in more geographies if the experiment shows increased conversion to orders. Significant data is expected in about two months.

To enable the experiment we’re also changing the material selection step for customers. This allows customers to specify their exact material, color and layer height earlier in the process so we can automatically select the Hub that meets those specifications (see image).

The experiment is set up as an A/B/C variation test. The setup for each variation:

  • A: Current checkout, no changes
  • B: New material selection (step 2), no changes to Hub selection (step 3)
  • C: New material selection AND automatic Hub selection

If you have any questions about this experiment, please contact